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Day in pictures: 7 June 2012

Two rescued pangolins sit in a basket in Bangkok, Thailand

The Heartbreaking Poaching Epidemic You Haven’t Heard of Yet~ Pangolins are among the oddest and least-familiar animals on Earth. They’re mammals, but they're armor-plated. Their chief defensive posture is to tuck their heads under their tails and roll up, like a basketball crossed with an artichoke. (It works: Even lions generally can’t get a grip.)

Baby armadillo - he's like a mourse (mouse + horse)

Donkey, Equus africanus. Scrotifera is a proposed clade of mammals within Laurasiatheria, consisting of the following six orders and their common ancestors: Artiodactyla, Even-toed ungulate, Carnivora, Cetacea, Chiroptera, Bat Perissodactyla, Odd-toed ungulate, Pholidota, Pangolin…