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Gossip is so wrong.  Live a good example to your children.  What you do; they will do.  Yet when it happens to our children we get angry and know the hurt then.  Encourage our children to be kind to all.

Has your child been bullied or is your child a bully? There are many warning signs and preventative measures you need to be educated on in order to help your child in both scenarios.

"Bullying is a big enough obstacle as it is. But for a teen, being the victim of bullying has many other negative consequences. At this time in your child’s life, it is important to know the risks she faces, as she might not be willing to openly discuss how she’s treated at school."

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Research Brief: Childhood Bullying Linked to Adult Psychiatric Disorders

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Girl in her disorganized and messy bedroom.-this will be Adelyn.

A girl sits in her disorganized and messy bedroom.

My Yahoo Shine Article." Guys Get Eating Disorders Too"

Eating disorders are a men’s issue, too. Brian Cuban urges men to seek help.Brian Cuban’s Cuban Post

With the massive advancement in technology come severe changes in the usual game of teasing amidst students, and enormous raise in physical torment cases inside educational institutions have called new attention to bullying in schools.

If we look at the recent surveys of some of the national level renowned agencies and organizations, we would understand how bullying has become an extremely serious problem in America’s schools.

Is your child getting bullied? Click the image for a FREE Bully Prevention Kit

Please check out our FREE Bully Prevention Kit for Parents. October is Bully Prevention month. At our academy we are focusing on educating Parents and Kids about bullying and how to deal with this epidemic.

I love all my children, including the ones that I did not give birth to.

I love all my children including the ones that i didn't give birth to

Report: Number of biracial children has doubled over a decade

The Root recently started a new advice column called “Race Manners”, and the first question it answered was submitted by a white woman with a biracial child