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Our study of the three most popular backlink tools shows how effective each is at actually finding all the links to a site.

from Link Sphinx

The Ultimate (and Fresh) List of Backlink Checker Tools

The list of backlink checkers contains all SEO tools (including online services, API's and desktop software) to search and analyze backlinks known at the moment.

from Ron Sela

25 Content Amplification Tools for Marketing Professionals

25 Content Amplification Tools for Marketing Pros @ronsela There is so much content out there, now that Google has made the creation of quality content mandatory for high rankings. It means that creating great content solves only half the problem; the real job is getting that content noticed by the right audience at the appropriate time, which is extremely important if a business will achieve its goals.

from Search Engine Land

It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results