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The Most Famous American Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy by David Duke 2 months ago 64,660 views Carl Bernstein is perhaps the most famous and respected journalist in the USA, and here he says ... HDCC

Illuminati:"Beyonce is dead, I AM Sasha Fierce". She is talking about an "out of body experience" (OBE). OBE's are known as astral projections and an out of body experience is regarded as an occult practice. .There are huge occultism and satanism (new age cults with old practices, like witchcraft) behind the music industry even if main of artist deny it (because of blood oath/fear).Some of artist are under mind control programs, like MKULTRA.Have Beyonce sold her soul to devil or under…

Netanyahu's U.S. Congress Speech Reveals World's True Superpower is Zio-Globalism not America! - David | David

The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History - David Icke Videocast Published on Dec 2, 2016

David Icke: The Origins & Symbolism of the European Union NWO -