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50 Fermented Salsas, Dips, & Spreads | My family are huge fans of my homemade salsa, bean dip, and pesto -- which are all lacto-fermented. As I put together this round-up of 50 amazingly healthy and colorful fermented salsas, dips, and spreads, my eyes were opened to all the ways I can add even more beneficial bacteria into our foods... and probably without anyone noticing. ;) | TraditionalCookingSchool.com

Got green tomatoes? Put them to good use in this healthy, lacto-fermented green tomato salsa packed full of beneficial probiotics and enzymes.

Want to make your guacamole just that much better for you? Lacto-ferment it! This natural fermentation process allows beneficial organisms to proliferate, and causes an explosion of vitamins and enzymes. The benefits to you? Better digestion and support for your immune system. Check out the recipe below, also demonstrated above in this week's free video.

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