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from The Organised Housewife

25 school bag storage ideas

Magazine racks for each child's papers and homework. Need ones with more slots

from I'm Batmom

The Backpack Wall

Wow, love this! I already have chalkboard paint...I think I might create a mini version of this behind Logan's door beside the closet...hooks for their backpacks, a chalkboard, a photo of the kids and maybe attach sone hanging folders/organizers.

from Kim's Counseling Corner

50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger

50 games and activities for anger management.

from aufeminin

8 photos qui vont vous convaincre d'adopter un chien

Bondade é livre de peso de preço. Quem faz o bem esquece, não cobra, não espera retorno, não alardeia e nem se vangloria, quem faz isso é a vaidade. Qualquer um pode ser bom, bondade se aprende. Ser bom, é ser livre de fato e desapegado, é doar aquilo que nunca se acaba, amor. Rosi Coelho***

Family movie night invitation for the kids--this is such a great way to make kids feel special! This is an idea for waaay in the future, but I want to keep it until then!

from Odyssey

10 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Important Guy In Your Life

both have given me 100% support and taken me under their wings. my oldest is coming today. forever blessed by their love.

from Paging Fun Mums

40+ Gift Ideas Made by Kids

Story Stones - such a good idea, you can make your own or have the kids make some and create a story with them!

One small way to make a difference: keep a bag of goodies in your car that you can give away to people you see who are less fortunate. Putting together the bags is also a great way to teach kids to have compassion on the poor and think of creative ways to help.

from Learning at the Primary Pond

The Giving Project

Have kids make a "helping chain!" On each link of the chain, they write down one way that they can help others. The kids then have to work together to assemble the chain.