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#hydroponics window farm - Toronto. Verbena, Basil and Dill. Attempt #1 ... made from Brio bottles, frozen w water to drill holes easier, spray painted. This is a no-pump system.

Pointed Fir of the North Wind Bell

Upcycled wine bottle, or plastic bottles for see starting then transplants - grow herbs and small indoor plants!

Build a Window Farm

super successful window farm: cucumber, okra, green beans, kale, cherry tomatoes, jalepenos, Japanese Eggplant

Window Farms - argument that growing even just some of your own food is the best thing you can do for the environment -> how you can do it w/o dirt & in an apt. Talk on TED:

Make your own hanging tomato plant/garden by drilling a hole in a plastic container, planting the tomato upside down, then hanging. Bonus: can plant something else (eg, basil) in the top. Idea from