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LOADS of videos. It is designed for SOTW1, but many can be useful to MFW CtG.

All Things Beautiful: How to Make a Mummy (an involved, 2-week process using an orange and a potato, and including removal of the internal organs--aka the orange pulp--for placement in canopic jars)

Egyptian reed boats made from flexible drinking straws

Egyptian God Of War | Secret code in God of War: Ascension hints towards where the series ...

Creating a model Egyptian reed boat. This is a nice project, and the result is impressive, Filing it away until we do a unit on Egypt.

My Father's World Creation to Greek Egyptian hyrogyphs

from Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys

Come to Djedet, the place your ba loves! she references specific names (Djedet and Anpet) for the town better known as Mendes, one of the best-known cult centers dedicated to Osiris,[...] Nephthys calls him to return to his mother Neith,[...] This reference to the goddess Neith alludes to one version of the Egyptian creation myth where Neith was the wife of Atum, father of creation, and so mother of all. to return to Sais - a city in the Delta near where Horus was raised - sacred to Ne