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Educational cartoon for children where Shawn the Train teaches different shapes and carves pumpkins with them. Video shows colorful shapes and train. Great Train theme will help your child remember shapes even faster. Also check out preview of our upcoming cartoon "The Alphabet Adventure With Alice And Shawn The Train" on our channel. Thank y...

This video is about 3D Shapes. It is an educational video for young children, toddlers, and preschool students. Shapes are: Sphere, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Pyramid, and Prism.

FREE Interactive Shape Pages

Work on shapes with these four free interactive worksheets! Fun for kindergartners!

How to Help Children Learn the Shapes (and Remember Them!)

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▶ The Shapes Song - YouTube For FOUR year olds. Use this song (The Shapes Song) from YouTube. Then for the activity have the students sway back and forth as they sing to feel the rhythm. A lead topic would be differentiating between shapes