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Jesus Healed Many People - Word Maze Sunday School Activity for Kids

John 8 Light of the World Bible Word Search Puzzles: How many Sunday School words can you find in this John 8 Bible Word Search Puzzle? This printable activity is not only a blast for kids, it’s also a fantastic learning tool for your upcoming Light of the World kids Bible lesson.

"Schools Around the World" Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys. Fun, engaging supplemental activity/game to practice and build fluency with reading and writing spelling words, vocabulary words or challenging vocabulary from within the story selection. Use whole group, small group, guided... so many options!

Freebie! I have compiled a list of thought-provoking, elevating, and self-evaluating essential questions that would be ideal for bell ringer activities. This document is a MS Word document, therefore you can add to and edit it at any time. I have used many of these questions with my students, and it has been a great attention grabber each and every time. These questions really help to get the students' minds moving. NEW --- I have now included editable boxes that you can copy and paste the q

Classroom Time Fillers: Free Games and Activities for Transition Times Hello! JenBradshaw here fromTeacherKARMA.com Improve transition times in the classroom...Time fillers that actually have a point and purpose in the classroom. Grab this free resource Classroom Time Fillers: Games & Activities for Transition Times. Some of the activities include: Would You Rather? What Am I? Vocabulary Edition Pass the Story On Act it Out What Am I? Number Edition Around the World Vanishing Vowels It…

Routines and Schedules Task Cards SamplerRoutines and schedules are important for many people. They help to avoid the unexpected by knowing what is happening in advance. They also provide for some consistency. This doesnt mean that there wont be some times when there are changes, but those changes will be better handled if there is preparation ahead of time.This is a sampler of some of the routines and activities that are common.Each card has a visual of the activity as well as the words…

I use this product with my articulation students that have successfully used /th/ in the initial position of words during therapy. Many of my students will not do homework throughout the week. This creates an easy way for them to:- generalize their skill within the school setting- get teachers aware/involved of sounds they are working on- create ownership of their sounds, words, work!Try printing on card stock for increased durability!/th/ words includeThumbThreadThornThrone…

Enjoy this fun way to teach opposites. This antonym vocabulary resource can be used in a variety of ways! (For kindergarten, first grade, second grade and ESL students of all ages.) Take a look at the preview! This resource can be used in many ways: Memory, Find My Match, Pocket Chart, Anchor Chart, Word Wall, My Book of Opposites, Flap Books Included: 16 Opposite Vocabulary Cards (color & black and white) 3 flap books

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