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from Call me Lotus

the-torch-bearer: Cerridwen The Celtic goddess...

Cerridwen, the Celtic goddess of inspiration, witchcraft, wisdom & the cauldron. There’s a tale behind her magical cauldron that is said to be lost in Avalon, which *coincidentally* is where Glastonbury is, where the Holy Grail is supposedly lost.

What classifies as a fairy tradition? Paths that label themselves as a fairy tradition incorporate fairy folklore and beliefs into their practices. This does not extend to Celtic countries only, as the belief in similar fairy-like spirits or supernatural creatures permeates cultures worldwide. Traditions that work with the fey may incorporate pagan beliefs and practices involving fairies, or the ‘good folk’, that were practiced when the fairy-faith was still prevalent in Europe.

"I am astounded by the way the architecture of Belonging spins out from the center of the Self in images! How it calls us forward, step by tentative step, along these gossamer threads, into an increasingly intimate conversation. How we then, one day, suddenly find ourselves anchored in a life." 2014 © Toko-pa Turner. Read more on Painting by Susan Seddon Boulet