Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas are the ice that makes my heart cool..we are meant to be together...forever" If this is exactly what you wanna tell your lover, do it with this cranberry juice with heart shaped ice cubes in it..your lover will definitely get your clues ;)

Let us begin with a cup of #coffee and allow our hearts to take over, our hearts? May be yes? May be no? Find out what happens when a "hearty cup" of coffee gets two lovers to tango :)

Wanna get cheesy with your lover? Get this heart shaped cheese served while on a romantic dinner with him/her to convey how your heart pops every time you see him/ deeply you have been captivated by his her thoughts..Let love take over with these hearty cheese slices!

A small heart shaped candy is enough to get you in the naughty mood;) Delight your lover by planning the menu for your special date with these heart shaped eatables <3

You don't need to move any mountains to win your lover's heart..All it takes, is a little creativity and thoughtful romantic gestures. Take help from this creative series and plan a date with hearts and just hearts everywhere!

Chocolates never fail to do the trick, lips and all !!! Find out what happens when two lovers autograph each others lips with this heart melting chocolate <3