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Las tarimas por lo general son desechadas por las industrias después de que fueron utilizadas para servir de base firme para transportar, y con el fin de evitar mayor contaminacion y entrar en el reciclaje y utilización de objetos para mas de un uso te comparto estas fantásticas ideas, para reciclar las tarimas.

Como Reciclar Tarimas o Pallets

Enchanted Tree:

The Tree Wyrniverdon. The Tree Wyrniverdon. Kingdom Of Faerie. Kingdom Of Faerie.

How to take sunset pictures like a professional.

How to Take Sunset Photos Like a Professional

Resin seeping from a tree trunk                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Amber is fossilized tree resin (not sap), which has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since Neolithic times. In its natural state, pouring out of a tree it is a work of art.

As incríveis, surreais e fantásticas foto-manipulações com anjos e mitologia de Carlos Quevedo

"Celestial Warrior Liliel" by Carlos E. Quevedo on DeviantArt (graphic designer, photomanipulator)

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dandelion by Ramona Hiemerda on my husbands fav "flower" lol but amazing pic!

Tanya (a very special dog) - Sarolta ban, a talented Hungarian photographer, takes beautiful surreal images of loving shelter dogs looking for a home.  Tanya has been homeless her whole life, 7 1/2 years.

Artist Creates Surreal Pictures With Shelter Dogs To Help Find Them New Homes

Sarolta Ban, a talented Hungarian photographer is back with more beautiful surreal images of loving shelter dogs looking for a home. Ban is an acclaimed