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Sighthound physiology chart - bring to vet to educate on what makes greyhounds different, avoid bad advice and costly bills

Normal Greyhound lab results provided by the Greyhound Health Initiative.

Bonzo, he's a 4.5 year old Whippet/Bedlington Terrier cross.

Bonzo, he's a year old Whippet/Bedlington Terrier cross. What a sweet face.


8 Proofs That Puppy Ears Are The Best Thing Ever

italian greyhound ears Iggy gets this look sometimes.it's like antennae!

Maya the Silken WIndhound, dog, Long Haired,Borzoi,Whippet

A Silken WIndhound called Maya. A mini Borzoi, sized between an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet. I would really like one someday.

Elegante’ | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other

There won't be a dog haha but I picture Erohs hiding behind an AMAZING antique chair or piece of furniture, peeking out like an animal would.