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from Berry

GEEKS have all the fun (27 photos)

If you haven't seen the films you will have no idea how funny this is.

from Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

The worst part about math is the fact that half of the problems are just about five... um, numbers, I guess... long, and it takes at least a minute to tell up from down, then when you've done that you feel like an idiot because its just so simple

from 8 Bit Nerds

35 Funny Pics for Your Friday

35 Funny Pics for Your Friday | 8 Bit Nerds


The Doctor vs. Bones…

hehe! "just sit there, keep your mouth shut, or i will fail you and this whole module right now" (in a Scottish accent, of course) :)

Omg yes. My friend was like "Tell me more good songs" and I'm just secretly like 'fuck off, they're mine'.

This sounds like my sisters cat StarMaze. She went and stole my cats mouse and came to me for congrats!! Silly cats!

I'm pretty sure this is an INFP problem as well. Our "purpose" just feels more personal and abstract.

from Fitness Magazine

Fast Belly Blaster: Ab-Toning Resistance Workout

Haha except the common time to me is "i like you" and the cut time is "I love you" because im just that skilled