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Explore Weekend Rep, Believes Birth and more!

Memorial Day isn't simply a three-day weekend: Rep. Jeff Mill, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, talks about Memorial Day, the war overseas, and the Presidential race.

Obama's support is not eroding: Kevin Wall fills in for Brian Kilmeade to talk about the Presidential race.

White House's top secret scandal?: Sen. John McCain pushing for probe into intelligence leaks.

Brian Kilmeade discusses the General Services Administration (GSA) lavishly spending taxpayer's money and the Buffett Rule-- are both really nonpartisan issues?

It's Romney and Obama for the next 5 months: Brian Kilmeade discusses the future of the presidential race including negative ads, Obama's record, and Bain Capital.

Stephen Baldwin in his 1984 yearbook at Berner high school in Massapequa, New York. Heeheehee Oh Stephen!!