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Top 10 Places to See On Your Road Trip Out West.

Mt. Rushmore 4th of July summer sky night fireworks america 4th of july - 10 things you must see on a road trip.

Big Foot (Sitanka), a Miniconjou Sioux of Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota; half-length, seated, wearing white shirt. Courtesy of the National Archives.

Wounded Knee, 1890 - 1973 in photos

Description of AIM leader Carter Camp, white shirt, and attorney William Kunstler, to Camp's right, join AIM Indians in celebrating the pullout of federal lawmen from roadblocks in Wounded Knee, South Dakota , March 10, 1973, which have surrounded Wounded Knee for over a week following takeover of the town by AIM Indians. (AP Photo)

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I love Parkston South Dakota

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Wounded Knee, 1890 - 1973 in photos

Description of Harlington Wood, Assistant U.S. Attorney General, (white shirt) is escorted by armed members of AIM into the village of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, March 13, 1973 to meet with leaders. Wood was sent to the village held for the last two weeks by the militants in an effort to work out a solution to the problem. (AP Photo)