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I would totally watch that movie! I'm really excited about the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie! But I would love a movie on the 4 Hogwarts Founders and them building Hogwarts!

The Harry Potter series and its meaning…long read but worth it if you though HP was just a children's book:):

The Harry Potter series and its meaning…

If you still think the Harry Potter books are still for kids, then I have serious doubts whether you can actually read. Only Trix are for kids.

If Hogwarts Students Complained…

Student Complaints in Hogwarts (I would like to say that I think math is taught all along. How could these kids make any of their potions if they can't do math? Just my two cents as a Harry Potter nerd.

Well holy shit, I never thought of that<<I love this fandom. *grimaces and mutters* Most of the time.

The other hero of Harry Potter. When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges." TEAM NEVILLE FOR LIFE! (Sorry for the language)

So did I. But I remembered there were worse things than death

A fandom's mutual hatred. Love it.> I wanted Voldemort to die a quick, clean, painless death. I wanted her to have her to be kissed by dementors and then have to live the rest of her miserable life.

Harry Potter Tumblr #2 by Vlade harry potter fandom has finally lost their minds

Why does everyone think Harry stole the lollipop ! He didn't if he did you would see his hand coming out of the invisibility cloak or the lollipop would have turned invisible ! IT GOT STUCK TO THE FREAKING CLOAK!

I think it would be great to take the black family house which was not a good family environment and turn it into something good for kids like Harry and Tom and serius.

Grimauld Place transforms into R. Lupin House for orphaned, abandoned Hogwarts students.

Can't believe I didn't realize this

Dumbledore awarding Neville 10 house points in Year I never thought of the reason for this! I think now that he should have given Neville more than just ten points.

This would be wonderful! ^.^ yay house elves

House elves taking care of mentally ill students at Hogwarts headcanon

I love stories like this. And it just makes me so happy to think there are people out there who haven't lost their inner child :)

AWESOME sense of humor from a real person named Viktor Krum in real life. I know that there are real people named Harry Potter, but who would think there would be a real person named Viktor Krum?