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Heat Tolerant Greens: Varieties for the Hottest Summer Months | The Seed Hopper Blog from High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Ronde de Nice - HEIRLOOM Green with white speckling, these round zucchinis from the south of France have long been a fresh market favorite. Harvest when they are a bit larger than golf balls or even larger to stuff with your favorite filling. Best flavor is when 3-4” in diameter. Freezes well. (Cucurbita pepo) Days to maturity: 52 days

Pacific Pearl Onion - A. fistulosum 50 days. This classy pearl onion was developed here in Oregon. More day-neutral than most onions, so it can be planted almost any time of the year and produce bulbs. Sow 1/4-1/2 inch apart to produce these delicious marble-sized white pearl onions. Perfect for salads, garnish or pickling. Best used fresh-not for dry storage

Organic Costata Romanesco - HEIRLOOM This Italian zucchini wins every taste test based on its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Tender, gray-green skin and prominent ribbing also give this Italian variety a distinctive appearance. Great picked at 6" or smaller with the flower still attached and fried whole. (Curcurbita pepo) Days to maturity: 54 days

Organic Red Cored Chantenay Carrot - HEIRLOOM Red Cored is a thick rooted variety with wide shoulders and a tapered root ending in a nicely rounded, blunt tip. Sweet, old fashioned carrot flavor and fine grained texture. A great variety for soups, freezing, canning and storage, sweetening up the longer it’s stored. Introduced to the US from France in the late 1800s and used for many years as the standard carrot for the processing industry. (Daucus carota) Days to maturity: 65 days