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2 New Small Group Tours for our 30th Anniversary Season in 2016

2 New Small Group Tours for our Anniversary Season in 2016

White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia  - Imgur

White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia

White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia Moscow is an incredibly vibrant city with immense history and architecture. The White Rabbit offers some of the best panoramas of the bustling city below, along with delicious international fusion cuisine.

Chicago Tribune Highlights Russian Winter Wonder Land

A Chicago Tribune article, “Guide to the Northern Lights,” mentions MIR’s Russian Winter Wonder Land as a winter adventure.

1942: Battle of Stalingrad, Remembered

Volgograd, Russia is a city remembered for resistance, loss and tears as it marks the bloody 1944 anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Two Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate New Year's in St. Petersburg, Russia | MIR Corporation

For centuries, the bells of Suzdal have been calling the faithful to church – Russian Orthodox Church. But these Russian bells are like no other.

MIR Corporation Featured in Luxury Magazine, Caviar Affair

When Caviar Affair – a glossy quarterly magazine self-described as “celebrating worldly indulgences and luxury living” – began looking for a company to custom-design a lavis…

How to Celebrate Russia Day – June 12th

How to Celebrate Russia Day – June

The 25th Anniversary of Fall of the USSR

Doug, Annie and Katya recently shared their stories as they witnessed the fall of the USSR, but the question remains: How could it have happened?

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10 доказательств того, что Петербург — самый красивый город в Европе

The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood is the most elaborate church in St. Petersburg, and includes incredibly detailed mosaics designed and created by prominent Russian artists. The church took 24 years to construct, starting in 1883 and ending in