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Proof That Tumblr Users Should Never Have Children

Their priorities are all over the place.



Please explain this to me because this has been becoming a daily reoccurence lately.

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Parents Texting Gone Wrong

Parents Texting Gone Wrong아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라아시아바카라

♡ Me every time. Like every single time my parents say they'll be home at a certain time, and then their NOT and they don't answer their phones and you start freaking out like crazy and then when they FINALLY do come home and your all like "I'M SO GLAD YOUR STILL ALIVE!" and you just get weird looks from both of them...and yeah. ♡

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There's a lesbian couple in finding dory? There's a couple in finding dory other than her parents?!?

Daily Jokes: When my parents are asleep ME - shhhh they're sleeping,,, When i'm sleeping MY PARENTS - Lets vacuum the house for 3 hours.