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10 Easy DIY Horse Care Tips | Savvy Horsewoman Cut the bottom out of your used socks for easy leg protection. These are perfect for keeping wounds covered and bugs at bay. You can even apply fly spray (try my Easy Homemade Fly Spray) or essential oils. Just make sure the socks fit securely before leaving your horse unattended.

Using human socks to help protect horses legs from bites, etc. Can also be sprayed with fly spray or diluted essential oils, omg this cracked me up but great idea.Also, keep those white socks clean before a show!

yeah. this is DEFINTITELY NOT a sport. at all. not even close.   HA! SURE! I would LOVE to see you try to ride a horse...a heat....95 degree weather....loping around and around and around again and again and again. and why don't you go bareback? work your leg muscles! and did I mention she pulls a LOT! your arms are gonna hurt! Make her move her shoulders and hips! How about flying lead changes????? Stop sitting on the freaking horse and RIDE IT for Pete's sake!!!!!!  *sarcasm…

Beautiful reining Quarter Horse captured at full speed doing spins and sliding stops.

Carousel Horse: The Merry-Go-Round was my favorite ride as a child. I would always look for a black horse and my daddy would always lift me up and set me on top. Wonderful memories! :-)

This has to be the most beautiful carousel on earth -- Brighton Pier, Walton on Naze, Essex, England

Jumper Painting by Mary McInnis - Jumper Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale


Jumper by Mary McInnis - Jumper Painting - Jumper Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Being on the back of the horse you feel so care free..there a no worries while on the back of a horse :)

What an amazing capture using the natural beauty of the sky, and the horse stretching out. Just love photos that show the absolute freedom and feeling of flying that equestrians feel.

I know this picture is everywhere, but this horse is so beautiful! An amazing and glorious "Redhead".

am' - photo by last-moment, via deviantART; a beautiful strawberry roan paint horse

Equestrian Quotes and Sayings | My horse | Horse quotes

I am his eyes, he is my wings. I am his voice, he is my spirit. I am his human, he is my horse.

American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino tobiano rabicano

Cowboy riding galloping horse on open plain. Lasso tied to saddle ready to do cowboy stuff! Pretty horse, I can't tell if Paint or Appaloosa.

This Indian Pony Carousel Horse is 64 inches long, is carved in Basswoodand, and features Turquois embedded in its trappings.

Indian Pony Carousel Horse - 64 inches long, is carved in Basswood, and features Turquois embedded in its trappings.

Meet the Ponies - Carousel for MissoulaCarousel for Missoula Pony Express horse carved by volunteers

Dispatch - from a Missoula, Montana Carousel Horse (by Root)