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Top senator rejects CIA torture report redactions ahead of public release

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday is planning to release the executive summary of its inquiry into the CIA’s detention and interrogation program.

Appeals court halts Oklahoma man’s execution amid new doubts over guilt

State court of criminal appeals grants Richard Glossip’s attorneys time to explore new evidence in 1997 beating death of his boss, just before 3pm execution

Hosea Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”

My stamp finally came in the mail! STAMP ALL THE THINGS! - Imgur #BernieSanders #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #StandTogether #Progressive #DemocraticSocialism #OccupyDemocracy #PoliticalRevolution

Felony murder: why a teenager who didn't kill anyone faces 55 years in jail

Blake Layman made one very bad decision. He was an unexceptional teenager growing up in a small Indiana town. He’d never been in trouble with the law, had a clean criminal record, had never owned or even held a gun.

Found this in a railcar in SK, Canada! - Imgur #BernieSanders #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #StandTogether #Progressive #DemocraticSocialism #OccupyDemocracy #PoliticalRevolution

Emily Cummings on

"If you can't afford to take care of your veterans, then don't go to war." -- Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) | #TheDailyBern #FeelTheBern

The Koch Brothers and the Republican Party are destroying the middle-class quality of life by the redistribution of wealth to the Wake up Republican Voters and ask yourself, what has the G.O.P. done for the middle-class of America ?