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Explore 14 Bearings, Zealous Bearings and more!

#Zealous bearings have become the bearings of choice for many #longborders since they came out. I use them, and would say that they are significantly superior to any of the comparably priced ($14) bearings currently produced, and are equal to similar bearings costing 2 to 3 times as much. Compared to what is considered the standard, Bones, I would say that they are smoother quieter and roll just as well as Bones Super Reds, once broken in. They are no hassle, with built-in speed rings…

Carver Skateboards - These are the most fun... 38" C7 Gullwave

4 Reasons Why Paddleboarders Need to Land Paddle with Kahuna Creations!

4 REASONS WHY PADDLEBOARDERS NEED TO LAND PADDLE WITH KAHUNA CREATIONS! Not only does Land Paddling feel like stand-up paddleboarding, it actually conditions your body for paddleboarding in very unique ways. By Kahuna Creations.

Choice 78a Longboard Wheels (Offset), Red, 76mm by Choice. $14.50. Choice long-board wheels is 70-Millimeter, 78a offset hub.

Cloud Ride: 66mm Mini-Slides Longboard Skateboard Wheels

NEW!!! Cloud Ride MINI SLIDES! 66mm longboard slide wheels, available in 80a, 83a, and 86a (new durometer, too!)

Hello there! I just made a shop page where I have my book: "Land Paddling Street Sup - The new fun core fitness sport to hit the streets" , for sale for 2 cups of coffee. If you want to improve your core strength and have fun at the same time, this is the book for you! Regardless what age you are! I started after 40.