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Episode 2 : The Assassin

Sometimes, learning new strands in Thinking Skills was a challenge and took a while for everyone to understand. Some were more difficult than others. For example, a question in problem solving might simply require you to look at a chart and select the answer choice that best fits it, while another might be a train question. Im sure at one point or another, some of us have felt this way.

Which Dark Magical Creature Are You?

Which Dark Magical Creature Are You? You got: Dark Unicorn Via You’re a beautiful and treacherous creature. In many ways, you’re similar to your pristine and beloved counterpart, but you value pragmatism over idealism. Though people are drawn to your beauty, you prefer to remain aloof. You’re willing to fight, and kill, when it comes to protecting yourself.

What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

Are you a sparkly unicorn? Perhaps you are a dark unicorn! I got : water unicorn

Are you introverted like Belle or extroverted like Aladdin?

This Word Association Test Will Determine Your Disney Personality Type

Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend?

I got Peanut Butter and Jelly! Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend? :D You should take it - see what pair we get lol :) Happy National Best Friends Day!

Which Disney Animal Are You?

Whether they're cats, dogs, or lions, there is no doubt that Disney animals are pretty cool.

The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

Les caractéristiques de VATA selon l'Ayurveda. Pour savoir si vous êtes VATA, effectuez notre test de Dosha >