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Rainbow Connection - Hair Color

Brittain (@styleelectric), a stylist at The Establishment, an Aveda-Concept Salon in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, used all Aveda colors to create a rainbow of colors for her client. She did a diamond pattern up the head. FORMULAS Yellow 25g yellow 25g 10vol  Green 15g 0n 16g green 2g yellow 25g 10vol  Blue 10g 0n 15g Blue 25g 10vol Purple

Purple crown lights and platinum white hair. Beautiful. combination by stylist and educator Stefani Picchi. #pravana HOT Beauty Magazine

30 Hot dyed hair Ideas

Copper to platinum ombre. A rather cool colored hair color combination as it gives the illusion of your hair being dipped in a snow blizzard.

How-To: Technicolor Takeover - Hair Color

Like a black and white movie suddenly infiltrated with color, the contrast of this look makes for a dazzling effect! Jaymz Marsters (@jaymz.marsters), specialist in vibrant fashion shades at Just Cuts in Norfolk, England, crafted this color he calls "Rainbow of Chaos."