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MICHE Petite Shell - Alice. Petite Miche Shell. Alice.

Skylar Petite Shell, Miche. Petite Miche Shell. Skylar.

Miche Petite Shell Dora (shell only). Petite Miche Shell. dora.

1 X Tess Petite Shell, Miche. Petite Miche Shell. Tess.

Petite Miche shell

Petite Miche shell. Sarah Miche petite shell! Not only is this a great shell it's available for bundling!! Get one shell for $8 or three for $18!!! Gently used and in great condition! Miche Bags

Miche Petite Shell only - Clarissa. Used for the Miche Petite base.


My favorite PETITE MICHE SHELL! Camila Miche petite shell. Goes with literally everything! Lovely pattern and unlike many Miche covers it has side pockets which are incredibly helpful! Love love love! Gently used shell in wonderful condition. miche Bags

Miche Petite Long Handle Black. With the Mini Long Handle in black you can just fling your Mini Miche handbag over your shoulder and go!. This "by- popular- demand" handle is 48" in length as well as flat and lightweight for toting ease.

Petite Miche shell! Really lovely

Petite Miche shell! Really lovely!! The petite Miche Anjali is not only adorable it's the perfect piece to add elegance to any classic outfit! In wonderful condition! This or any Miche shell gives you a great way to switch up styles without even changing your purse! Simply snap on and off! Lovely shell. Miche Bags