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What is the strongest force on earth? "Love." Why study when you already got all the answers??

Bella's answers.... 1.Glittery Miu Miu sneakers 2. Frozen Yogurt 3. Katniss Everdeen 4. Pink 5. English 6. Mean Girls 7. Regina George 8. Zendaya 9. Gretchen Wieners 10. Skittles

I have wanted to try a couple of these sort of answers at school and see what my teachers say... Have not yet had the opportune question.

Three math, science, and engineering questions to help kids think creatively about quantities and building. Ask them follow-up questions, or consider measuring some oreos and doing some math to answer #1. For #2 and #3, follow up with a drawing activity. It's always fun when mom and dad answer the questions, too. Get creative questions each day to spark fun family conversations at q4kidz.org.

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