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Cornersmith mustard

Cornersmith mustard | Ever since we started making our own mustard at Cornersmith, production hasn’t stopped! As well as selling lots in our shop at the picklery, we use it in all sorts of dishes in the cafe, including our take on a Reuben sandwich, our ploughman’s plate and with pork chops. We tweak our mustard according to the time of year, using sage in autumn, horseradish or rosemary in winter, and thyme in spring. Mustard is such a great food to make from scratch, with lots of…

Southern greens

Southern greens | This dish is typically made from collard, which has leaves that look a bit like pale silverbeet and have a slightly bitter taste. Turnip leaves, mustard greens, kale, dandelion or Australia’s native spinach (otherwise known as warrigal greens) also work well.