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from Refinery29

5 New Fitness Crazes That Actually Work

5 NEW fitness crazes that actually work!

from - Health Products You Probably Don't Need

How many of these unnecessary health products are you using?

from 100 Days of Real Food

Why Cut Processed Food

Why Cut Processed Food - 100 Days of Real #healthy food #food for health #food health #health food|

from Refinery29

7 Tips For Kicking Anxiety's Ass

Anxiety Tips - Breathing Meditation Techniques | With seven mindful and meditation tips I've incorporated into my life, I've learned to reclaim my life from stress and anxiety. #refinery29

☆☆Great Article☆☆☆☆☆☆ Is what we eat and drink making us sicker and dumber?

from mindbodygreen

7 Ingredients to Avoid When Grocery Shopping

Die gruseligen 7 - beim Einkaufen unbedingt gaaaanz weit umgehen: Fruktose-Sirup Transfette Künstliche Aromen Glutamat Künstliche Farbstoffe Süßstoffe Konstervierungsstoffe Einfache Regel: Kaufe echte Lebensmittel, so wie sie gewachsen (oder geschlachtet worden) sind.