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Releasing Negative Emotions Part 2 02/11 by Kerry and Julie | Blog Talk Radio

"A group of teenage girls were recently asked if they would date a boy simply because he was good looking. Most said yes, they would date someone on looks alone. My friend who was asking the question asked another, but what do you know about him? The silence made her point." - Lysa TerKeurst || click here to read the rest of today's P31 radio show --->

Or a Trump (3 marriages) follower? Just look at his team: Bannon 3 marriages, Guliani 3 marriages, Gingrich 3 marriages. They complain that Hillary stayed and worked on her marriage. Now who has the Christian values?

Christian radio host Bryan Fischer has mental breakdown on Twitter over same-sex marriage ruling

I don't like the ableist language in this article, but what the hell? He compares gay people not only to Nazis (I am sure the above statement would have come as a surprise to those homosexuals sent to concentration camps) but also claims that "Christian is the new black".

VIDEO: Black Radio Host Who Saw the McKinney Pool Incident Drops Truth Bomb on Race Baiters

Another GOP NUT! Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., believes that President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, and his opposition to Israel, is going to bring on the biblical End Times, plunging the U.S., and the world, into Armageddon.

Huckabee predicts MLK-like resistance to gay marriage ruling - GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee predicted that Christians will push back against gay marriage in a similar way to Dr. Martin Luther King’s fight against racial discrimination. - Photo image by AP Photo

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer is having a really hard time keeping it together over the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all

EPISODE 25 - DANCE YOUR WAY TO HEALING! On this show we have an incredible guest, Sherry Reid Ringholz, who has created a healing center right here in Utah called, "Dancing for Life Healing Center." She will share with us all of the incredible healing modalities located at her healing center and why she chose DANCING for healing. LISTEN IN!!