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The White Morpho (Morpho polyphemus) is a white butterfly of Mexico and Central America, ranging as far south as Costa Rica. As suggested by its name, this is one of the relatively few morphos that is white rather than blue. (Photo by Kathryn Willett)

Beautiful wildlife photography ~ white butterfly

I love her dreamy look. Sometimes she's very far, magical blue fairy with the heart of a butterfly. She lives in her own world…

~~Tawny Angle Butterfly (Ctenoptilum vasava) by dandoucette~~

Wisdom consists in being able to distinguish among dangers and make a choice of the least harmful. NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI,

from DaWanda

"Angel butterfly". Dipinto ad olio originale


WOW... hehehehe I almost didn't see it. Good graphic art and a talent at the puter. ~ Di