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Elapsed Time Bingo

Elapsed time made easier with my What's the TIME-O Bingo!Students will practice telling time skills with this fun elapsed time game! This set includes 8 different What's the TIME-O game cards, What's the TIME-O clue cards, and large slides for easy display on a SmartBoard or Promethean Board.

Time Flies Elapsed Time Game

Students calculate elapsed time in 2 different game formats - spinners and/or game boards. Select the elapsed time spinner/game board that supports your curriculum or your students' abiliities.

Fraction Division Detectives TEKS 5.3J and TEKS 5.3L Dividing Unit Fractions

This is a fun partner activity to reinforce dividing unit fractions by wholes and wholes divided by unit fractions using models

Prime and Composite Task Bags TEK 5.4A

Download contains student instructions, teacher instructions, answer key, materials to make 14 task bags and a student recording sheet. Students will take contents out of each bag and will configure factor pairs. Students will then find the one number in the bag that does not belong.