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Elapsed Time Bingo

Elapsed time made easier with my What's the TIME-O Bingo!Students will practice telling time skills with this fun elapsed time game! This set includes 8 different What's the TIME-O game cards, What's the TIME-O clue cards, and large slides for easy display on a SmartBoard or Promethean Board.

FREE Elapsed Time Worksheet! Students use a real world concept, movie theater times, in order to explore concepts of elapsed time. In this activity, students read the sample movie times and answer questions about beginning and ending times.

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Time Interactive Notebook

A time interactive notebook that contains 12 differentiated activities for students in grades 2 and 3 including telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, 5 minute, elapsed time and word problems!

Telling Time - We Still Need The Practice - Mrs. Allen of Flip Floppin' Through Third Grade shares how her students used Laura Candler's Telling Time / Elapsed Time Combo to practice these skills with several fun games. $

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Sight Word Sentences Add and Read for Spring

Sight Word Sentences Add and Read for Spring. These games serve 3 purposes: 1) Students can practice sight word recognition. 2) During the game, students will have to read several sentences more than once, which increases fluency. AND 3) They can practice addition at the same time! $

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Second Grade-Write the Room-Place Value to the Hundreds-Christmas Owls

Here is a fun activity that will get your students up and moving as they practice writing numbers into the hundreds. Hide the cards around the room. The student writes the correct number for each card on their answer sheet. If you prefer, the cards can be used in a center as task cards.

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Number Tracing Cards

Help students develop their numeral writing skills with this Number Tracing Cards Pack. Simply print, cut and laminate! These can be used with a dry erase marker or play dough. The Number Tracing Cards font is NSW Foundation Style. Included; 1) Numbers 0 - 10 (2 per page) 2) Numbers 0 - 10 (4 per page) 3) Strips 0 - 10 (4 strips per page) © Tales From Miss D

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These fun exciting penguin math games keep your students up and moving . There are 4 fun games in one. Save money by purchasing this bundle. Great review for addition and subtraction facts to 20 $

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Doggie Division with Two Digit Divisors QR Code Fun

Doggie Division QR Code Task Cards! This title contains 24 self-checking center/task QR code cards and one recording sheet for students to practice solving long division problems with two-digit divisors and with or without remainders. $

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Math Vocabulary Posters

Help remind students about key words in Math. A great addition to any classroom. Vocabulary covered; long, short, large, small, same, different, heavy, light, above, below, beside, between, in front, next to, more, less, combine, before and after. © Tales From Miss D