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Road To Imagine

Imagine them taking bathroom breaks or getting hungry and not being able to decide what to eat

The ultimate European road trip, according to data

The ultimate European road trip. He's missing some great spots though. An ultimate trip to Europe MUST include Ukraine.

Ways To Save Money On Road Trips

ways to save money on road trips. These tips can save you hundreds of dollars! tips to save money on travel

I usually give the client a prompt that goes something like this: "Imagine your life is like a journey along a road. Draw a picture to represent what this road would look like. Think about the the important events that have happened so far and where you hope to be heading."

HP/Road to El Dorado!! (Even though Trelawney wouldn't have been there when James and Sirius were there, I can totally see her loving this excuse. And I can totally see James and Sirius giving it.)