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A Three-Legged Dog Wins At Cromer Carnival Show – Impossible? Have you been in a carnival show with your dog? Have you seen how happy everybody is, especially those who are with their dogs. However, just imagine you have a three-legged dog because of an accident. Do you still want her to try joining the carnival show? Do you think she will still win? Poppy has a tale to tell. You wanna meet Poppy? It’s Cromer Carnival again. Everybody is excited and this includes Poppy and ..

Imagine you were an omnipotent being in all imaginable (and unimaginable) ways. How boring and purposeless would that be? How would forgeting who and what you are – and trying to find your way back – be far more exciting? #QuantumMetaphysics

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The ultimate European road trip, according to data

The ultimate European road trip. He's missing some great spots though. An ultimate trip to Europe MUST include Ukraine.

I usually give the client a prompt that goes something like this: "Imagine your life is like a journey along a road. Draw a picture to represent what this road would look like. Think about the the important events that have happened so far and where you hope to be heading."

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Great Ocean Road

Milky Way, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia - I can not even imagine what it would be like to see this awe-inspiring view in person.

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Showcase of Outstanding Photos from Master Photographers

Road + rain. Two Rs a driver wouldn't want, but a passenger would love to be on. imagine imagine imagine.