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Nirvana Unisex Vest Tank Top Singlet T-Shirt Dress Fashion Sizes S-XL

from Vogue

Melitta Baumeister Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

View the complete Melitta Baumeister Spring 2017 collection from Paris Fashion Week.

This is such a pet peeve! I once had someone not even know how to pronounce nirvana but was wearing the shirt!

If you don't listen to the band, don't wear the shirt. Kurt Cobain is a legend. Not a hipster piece of clothing. Nirvana is life.

Probably the single most powerful statement of what the 90s meant, or seemed to mean. No weirdos, no outsiders, no cild left behind. This was the time when weird meant being ordinary. Whether we loved #Nirvana or not, they changed the world of music and culture taking the underground overground, and making #alternative a byword for James Blunt pop

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Image of Smells Like The Only Nirvana Song You Know Grey Ombre Shirt - 10 days pre-order

from Vogue

Dion Lee Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Dion Lee Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show - Amalie Moosgaard

Hahaha but seriously I really would love to own most of the shirts found in their wardrobe. To bad I'm broke and the only place for me to find band t's and such is online.<<< EXACTLY. That, and I feel like a despicable human being if I wear I cute vintage band tee if I'm not actually a fan of that band. What do say to that? "Oh, you a Nirvana fan?" "Nah, I'm a 5sauce fan." "........You know that's not a 5sauce shirt, right?" "Ssshhhhhhhhhh."