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B. girl. Croatia. too young. too old. a bookworm. junkie for printed word. trying to write. moving image enthusiast. an eclectic listener. a nerdfighter. adrenaline seeker. one of the misfit toys. trying to be brave.

No offense to the bright colors sprinkling our closet, but our go-to hue will forever be black. It has the power to anything look instantly cooler and more dramatic, from your lips to a unicorn horn. Our motto? When in doubt, paint in black.

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Today a teacher caught me smoking and blowing rings and he said "well you're gonna kill yourself but at least your being creative"

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Human Consumption I redefine the crystalline-biological structures implanted in your mind, So I find the deaf, dumb & blind, & bless'em with science & leave the blind ones behind... Music Consumption Black and White Facebook Questions Archive Random

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