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..but it's SO DAMN HARD! Water your good seeds weekly at

Gentle parenting

How Mindfulness Kept Me From Exploding At My Child

My old was feeling bad. Her chosen mode of communication all day was whining, grunting, shrieking and that tiny little, high-pitched voic...

little journeys baby food

You will never have this day with your children again ~ cherish it.

The Loft is a health and wellness studio in Brussels offering private and group classes in the ancient art of ashtanga yoga. Through fun and intense practice and in the Loft’s beautiful and open studio, clients renew and refresh their whole body and mind.

Sometimes I'm in such a hurry Water your good seeds weekly at

Taking Care of Yourself is Part of Taking Care of Your Kids

Taking care of your kids when you have depression, is very difficult. How do you give them all they need when you have nothing to give some days. You want to hide away and sleep all day but you can't. Its a battle but in a way they keep you going too.