Aromatherapists are greatly indebted to Ibn Sina since his invention of steam distillation enabling others to acquire the natural oils of plants.

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW :) This baby roller recipe card with Young Living essential oils is a wonderful resource for essential oil users! Details: • Offers oil roller combinations specifically for kids, for many common health and wellness needs, including mostly oils from the premium starter kit • A great resources for oil-loving parents! • Print and laminate & pop it on the fridge for easy referencing! • This is a COMPLIANT piece. ---------------------- HOW IT WORKS…

Learn how to make your own inhaler blends like this one in our free Introduction to Essential Oils course! Sign up here:

The basic properties and 21 grouped uses for tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia). Exploring holistic, natural, complementary and alternative medicine. For #health and #beauty! #infographic |

This natural citrus antibacterial soap uses essential oils that are naturally immune boosting and disinfectant. You can make a whole batch in just 10 minutes, and it smells amazing too!

Store bought hand sanitizers are great at killing germs but are full of chemicals. You can make your own DIY hand sanitizer with essential oils that works just as well without the harsh chemicals.

How to Make DIY Perfume Roll-On with Essential Oils - It's SO easy and cheap to make your own signature fragrance with essential oils. Find out how and why you need to ditch your conventional perfume -

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