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CRAZY QUILT TOP/ Angelina Grattan, 1880–1890, silks, including velvets, satins, and brocades, with embroidery, 77 × 76", gift of Elizabeth B. Dichman Smith, 2004.19.1. Photo credit: Gavin Ashworth

Cleveland-Hendricks Crazy Quilt Artist unidentified ; initialed "J.F.R." Location: United States Date: 1885–1890 Materials: Lithographed silk ribbons, silk, and wool with cotton fringe and silk and metallic embroidery Dimensions: 75 × 77"

Center Star Crazy Throw Mary Ann Crocker Hinman (1817–1893) Location: New York Date: 1880–1890 Materials: Silk with silk embroidery Dimensions: 64 × 52 3/4"

Apple Blossom Quilt Ladies Aide [sic] Society of the Methodist Church Location: Hoag's Corner, New York, United States Date: 1939–1945 Materials: Cotton with cotton embroidery Dimensions: 92 × 78"

Quilt Top, Crazy pattern Date: ca. 1885 Geography: Mid-Atlantic, New York, United States Culture: American Medium: Silk, satin, velvet, and cotton Dimensions: 60 3/4 x 52 in. (154.3 x 132.1 cm) Classification: Textiles

BALTIMORE-STYLE ALBUM QUILT TOP/ Artist unidentified, Baltimore, Maryland, found in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States, 1845–1850, cotton with wool embroidery, 84 × 82", collection American Folk Art Museum, gift of Altria Group, Inc.: 2008.9.3. Photo credit: Gavin Ashworth.

UNION AND LIBERTY SAMPLER QUILT TOP / Artist unidentified, New York State, 1860–1870, cotton, wool, and silk with metallic thread and silk embroidery, 87 1/2 × 84", collection American Folk Art Museum, gift of Dr. Stanley and Jacqueline Schneider: 1980.31.1. Photo credit: Scott Bowron.

"SACRET BIBEL" QUILT TOP /Susan Arrowood, possibly West Chester, Pennsylvania, 1875–1895, cotton, silk, wool, and ink, with cotton embroidery, 88 1/2 × 72", collection American Folk Art Museum, gift of the Amicus Foundation, Inc., and Evelyn and Leonard Lauder Accession: 1986.20.1. Photo credit: Schecter Lee.

Quilt (or decorative throw), Crazy pattern Maker: Tamar Horton Harris North (1833–1905) Date: ca. 1877 Geography: Midwest, North's Landing, Indiana, United States Culture: American Medium: Silk, silk velvet, cotton, and cotton lace Dimensions: 54 1/2 x 55 in. (138.4 x 139.7 cm) Classification: Textiles

Quilt, Crazy pattern Date: ca. 1885–1900 Geography: Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania, United States Culture: American Medium: Silk, silk velvet, and wool Dimensions: 75 3/4 x 73 3/8 in. (192.4 x 186.4 cm) Classification: Textiles