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The History of Envelopes - From 2000 B.C to the Present

Ancient #envelope from 20000 BC

The VINČA SYMBOLS are an Old European script on Neolithic era artifacts from the Vinča culture of southeastern Europe in the 6th to 5th millennia BCE. The symbols are mostly considered as constituting an instance of "proto-writing"; that is, they probably conveyed a message but did not encode language, predating the development of writing proper by more than a millennium.

the earliest known example of written words of the English language are preserved not in a book or manuscript, but in a medallion - the Undley Bracteate, which dates to the 5th century.

Tablets with Kharosthī and Chinese records; ancient writing implements, mainly from Niya site. (See Chap. XI, sec. ii, iv–vi, viii.)

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Europe's oldest book: Ancient Lindisfarne gospel which survived pillaging Vikings and lay in a saint's coffin for centuries

Preserved: A page in the St Cuthbert Gospel, a remarkably preserved palm-sized book which is a manuscript copy of the Gospel of John in Latin

Babur’s Garden, Baburnama, 16th c. British Library