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The Game of Life Family Board Milton Bradley 2007 SEALED College Career New NIP | eBay #gameoflife #life

Another Left 4 Dead 2 concept art. I don't know why but I really like this one, more than the others :)

Happy New Year!

yufei: I finished Watch_Dogs 2 yesterday. Overall I really enjoyed it! The DedSec crew is really funny and charismatic. The side quests and main quests were fun! I petted every dog I met. I really liked walking through the city! So many details and weird stuff! Driving is pretty impossible for me though probably cause I suck at it. The ending though was meh very anticlimactic. Also my Marcus is dressed as 100% hipster. I didnt draw all crew just characters that I like most.

The Last of Us Part II reveal trailer shows matured Ellie and Joel |

Combining one of the genre's best campaigns with the most addictive online combat the world had ever seen, Call of Duty 4 continues to be my favourite in the award-winning series.

The Last Of Us 2 Video Game Announcement Expected Very Soon