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FINALLY, my post about Dance, Dance, Transversal with my Geometry classes. I tweeted about this and promised I would blog about it, but told myself I wouldn't until I got through the other draft b...

Dancing Splashtography. I love the use of water in pictures. #water #dance #photography

After six hours of school I’ve had enough for the dayI hit the radio dial and turn it up all the wayI gotta dance (dance dance dance now the beat’s really hot) right on the spot(dance dance dance right there on the spot) chat-grain-de-folie: Danse du chat…(suite) “Dance, Dance, Dance” lyrics by The Beach Boys

Swing dancers - Clyde Wilder and Amaniyea Payne. Photographed by Larry Shulz. [A tip o' the hat to Vintage Tickytacky, who knew them on sight.]

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