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Ever notice how... aside from a few other unique quirks... Utahns all seem to talk a little funny? Affectionately named, Utahnics is the phonetically unique way Utahns speak or pronounce their words. ...

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These 2 weeks to a better you diets make me laugh! It's not a trend, or a one time thing. Being healthy is a lifestyle!

43 Things Every Vegan Has Heard at Least Once

I'm pinning this one because I thought it was funny. The people who know me have all been tactful and polite about my dietary choices, even when they expressed concern about my nutrition. My husband has been a champion of awesomeness about it. I rarely meet up with a rude person, but when I do...

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6 Best Foods to Improve Your Mood

Eat food that makes you happy too! #goodmoodfood

i forgot about this movie called the jumper it's hella good very suspenseful very action very romance very funny probably should be studying for finals instead of watching it but whatever

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Tips on staying inspired...

Tips on staying inspired...