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Days go by and not only do I think of you daily but miss you too. It hasn't been the same since.

I really do love you, but i love that youve found happiness more :). I'm really happy for you. things didn't work out we had wanted them but i dont regret meeting you, you know im here when you need me. Loved you always and forever

It's all worth it in the end

Distance between two hearts NOT an obstacle rather a beautiful reminder of how strong true love actually

Every single time

This should be true for every military spouse. Although the picture is USAF, the same is true for my US Marine. Proud Marine Wife.

Things About Military Relationships #11 (www.facebook.com/weheartcamo)

This has got to be one of the truest things ive found on here. If i dont have my dog and extra pillows in bed with me well hes gone i cant sleep

Most people would never guess I used to be army military police and trained as a sniper. I'm just a hairdresser now

My husbands words. He is a Scout Sniper & says many don't believe. He's getting out soon, to be a Nutritionist

This is the way I fall asleep with my marine

At least she gets to skype him! If I'm lucky, we can talk over the phone with really spotty reception, cuz he's an ensign supply officer on a destroyer ship

Whisper App.  What was the moment you knew you were in love with your significant other?

Someone from Corpus Christi posted a whisper, which reads "When I told him nothing was wrong through text and he replied, "I'm coming over to talk about this in person because I know you're crying.