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Home Decor Solid Fabric-Waverly Pera Seaspray DOES NOT DO THE FABRIC JUSTICE. $30 Palest sage with shimmering flecks of white and of the green. Very soft hand almost chenille


Waverly Upholstery Fabric-Melody/Topaz

Upholstery Fabrics-Waverly Melody / TopazUpholstery Fabrics-Waverly Melody / Topaz,


Waverly Upholstery Fabric-Leaf Link/ Shimmer

Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Leaf Link/Shimmer GLAM not green but Gold and not so gold on top of a flatter but still shiny gold. $32 Repeat: 24" x 28"

Upholstery Fabric- Richloom Studio Piana Hemlock $22.50


Waverly Upholstery Fabric-Tabby/Mist

Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Tabby MistUpholstery Fabric-Waverly Tabby Mist,


Waverly Upholstery Fabric-Anatalya Pumice

Waverly Anatalya/Pumice $30 13.5 x.13.5 Repeat. Bacground pale celery not gray!


Waverly Print Fabric-Thai Tale/Plum

Home Dec Print Fabric- Waverly Thai Tale Plum | Jo-Ann

Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Aziza Garnet, $22.50


Williamsburg Solid Fabric-Jaipur Paisley/Shade

Upholstery Fabric-Williamsburg Jaipur Paisley ShadeUpholstery Fabric-Williamsburg Jaipur Paisley Shade,