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I appreciate every single minute of life. I keep pushing my limits to achieve some accomplishments. So, discovering new trends, gaining and imparting knowledge, meeting like-minded, positive thinkers along the way are great!

23 Quotes You Should Never Forget

Stay humble. Hustle hard. In this example I really enjoyed the break cause by the H and the E creating two words. The hieracrchy of the HU and LE really make your eye draw to the middle signifying the two words humble and hustle. There arent any visual punctuation which is enjoyable because this is sinple and doesnt have any dostractions

"Handlettering IV" by Eunice Suárez.

Stay Close Art Print | Hafez Quote | | Watercolor Lettering | Inspirational Wall Art | Katie Daisy | 8x10 | 11x14

art by katie daisyWritten by Leah DrinenHafez's advice is not so easily taken these days, because well, did you notice? the things that make you happy to be alive, are most likely other living things. But nature has…