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Wow. The creativity in this is incred-OHMYGOODNESS THE LITTLE PHONOGRAPH

Funny pictures about Everyday objects and pen sketches. Oh, and cool pics about Everyday objects and pen sketches. Also, Everyday objects and pen sketches.

This groundbreaking Mattel doll, created in 1959, could speak 11 phrases when its "chatty ring" was activated with a pull of the string on its back.

All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Henri Matisse, Interior, Flowers and Parakeets, 1924

Interior Flowers & Parrot Henri Matisse “I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things. “ - Henri Matisse Interior Flowers & Parrot by Henri Matisse

Stuffed Baguette.

Top 10 Best Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas

APPS + SNACKS - stuffed baguette - 1 idea = goat cheese/cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, crunchy bell pepper, and fresh herbs

Fisher-Price Phonograph (1979-1989) [This Old Toy] - Spent many happy hours listening to records in my room with this.

I still remember my youngest sister putting her Little People on the turntable, and letting it run for so long, that it broke, and Mom had to send it in for repair!