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although i believe it is not our fault that men have the minds they do, we don't wear wut we wear to impress guys, we wear it to be comfortable of ourselves! if guys choose to think the way they do about us in a sexual way how is that our problem? IT IS NOT THE WAY WE DRESS THAT AFFECTS THIS PROBLEM! WE DO NOT DRESS LIKE SLUTS WHEN WE WEAR CROP TOPS OR SPAGHETTI STRAPS!!

Michael Jackson & Princess Stephanie of Monaco... she does the voice-over in his music video In the Closet; one of my top favorite of Michael's songs by the way lol :)

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9 Ways to Think Like a Financial Advisor

Ever wish you were better at making smart money decisions? Believe it or not, taking control of your budget and your financial health isn't as complicated as it sounds. If you're ready to get back on track, don't miss these 9 smart ways to think like a financial advisor! via @lwsl

It hits me, thinking about this, how much Rose and the Doctor had to go through together to earn each other's trust. There were some serious trials--Rose saving her father, Nine's regeneration--but they came out of it so strongly trusting in each other. So much so that Ten believes in her over anything else he's ever seen or known. Think about that.

This is what I kinda believe, to be honest, though I also think that God is in charge of them all, and that He created the universe.

What you believe to be true, is it true? Or do you just believe that it's true because you were taught that it's true and never looked any further.