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Herbs In Oil Ensure A Continual Fresh Stash

How to Dry Herbs

Enjoy home-grown summer flavor all year by learning how to dry herbs! Find various methods and helpful tips for how to dry fresh herbs, and how to make a fragrant fire starter after drying fresh herbs.

Surprisingly, both cilantro and basil freeze very well. After cutting the leaves, preferably in the early morning while they are freshest, we mix them with a small amount of olive oil... just enough to coat the leaves. They are then packed into freezer bags and frozen for later use. The olive oil makes it really easy to separate the frozen leaves and also adds an extra flavor to the mix.

Video: Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

TIps on Drying and Preserving Herbs

Herbs in "frozen" olive oil is one of my favorite ways to harvest. The herbs don't get dry , brown and brittle in the same way they do when they get frozen in water. They also retain their scent and flavor much more effectively!

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs: Rosemary and Thyme

If you have a garden where you're growingherbs, you'll want to read this post about How to Freeze Fresh Herbs: Rosemary and Thyme. There's also a link to tips for freezing fresh basil as well. [found on]