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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) Poster
Gonna watch this with her ❤️ I really hope she doesn't have a Pinterest because I still haven't told her how I feel
디센던트 / The Descendants(2011) ★★★★ / 시사회
One of the best feel good movies I've seen in years!
Remy is een hele byzondere rat: hij wil chef-kok worden. Via de riolen van Parijs komt hij in de keuken van een sterrenrestaurant terecht, waar Auguste Gusteau de scepter zwaait. Hoewel ratten natuurlijk niet in een keuken thuishoren, zet Remy de hele culinaire wereld op zijn kop. (gezien*****)
I saw this movie at least 3 times in the theater (I was one of THOSE girls.) I was fascinated by the titanic as a child and then this movie came out at peak hormonal teenage time.
"P.S. I love you"
Film Review: Dark Shadows  Very good Vamp Movie, funny, clever a must to watch if you love vampire movies.  Christopher Lee plays a boat captain, he is the long time Dracula from Hammer House of Horror in the 70's and 80's
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